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OptiMonk helps harness the power of onsite retargeting to recover lost leads, turn visitors into
customers and boost conversions like no other software on the market.

Integrated A/B Testing

A/B testing gives you the power to test your onsite retargeting campaigns. Easily create popup variants within the same campaign and test to see which one performs better. You can also use A/B testing with popups to test your primary messages in less time and for less money than using conventional A/B testing.

Unlimited Split Tests

Create unlimited variations within a campaign to test different designs and messages. After comparing the test results, you can see which subtle changes showed the biggest improvement.

Close Delaying

Delay the closing of your popups and increase your chances for conversion. If your visitors can't close your popup immediately, they'll need to review your message while they wait.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Unleash the full power of onsite retargeting with Dynamic Text Replacement. You can automatically change the message of your popups based on any variable you choose. Using only one popup, you can target as many different audience segments as you want.

Multi-Page Campaigns

Instead of placing all the information about your special offer into only one popup, use multi-page overlays to maximize your conversions. After the first popup raises your visitor’s interest, they're more engaged to convert on the second page. The third page can be a reminder overlay.

Conversion Followups

Monitor how your onsite retargeting campaigns perform using our built-in analytics. You can also integrate OptiMonk with your Google Analytics to boost your tracking and optimization.

Content Preloading

Content Preloading makes your popup appear as fast as possible. When someone visits your website, the popup preloads in the background automatically, but it will be seen only when the event, configured for the campaign, for example exit-intent, inactivity, scrolling, etc., is triggered.

CDN Content Delivery

Due to the Content Delivery Network, OptiMonk services can be reached as quickly as possible. Using CDN ensures high availability. Contents are stored in more servers - you will be served by the closest one.

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