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Onsite Retargeting platform

OptiMonk helps harness the power of onsite retargeting to recover lost leads, turn visitors into
customers and boost conversions like no other software on the market.

Returning Visitor Recognition

Create different messages for returning and new visitors to maximize your conversions. You get a second chance to convince your returning visitors with a targeted offer.

Page Level Targeting

Segment your visitors based on whether they've visited a subpage for at least 'X' seconds. Most likely they're interested in that topic, so you can display them a related offer or a free giveaway designed to meet their needs.

Geo Targeting

With geotargeting you can create as many different messages for as many target countries as you'd like. The popup will only appear for visitors to your site from each specified country.

Engagement Based Targeting

Display your popups only for visitors who have some activity on your site. You can segment your visitors based on session duration, the number of opened pages, or even the URLs visited.

Campaign Based Targeting

Campaign-based targeting lets you display specific popups to visitors who have already seen, filled in or closed popups from certain campaigns. Linking your campaigns like this can create powerful 'sales funnels'.

Cart Abandonment Recognition

Fight back against cart abandonment with messages targeted at visitors who are trying to leave their cart. With OptiMonk you can increase your conversion rate and decrease your cart abandonment rate.

Cart-Value Based Targeting

Target visitors based on cart value or total number of products in their cart. You can create special offers when people are shopping that encourage them to buy more, or offer a free shipping coupon when a certain threshold is reached.

Cart-Content Based Targeting

Go a step beyond cart value and target your visitors based on the products and the number of different products in their cart. You can create highly-customized messages to keep your shoppers moving towards checkout.

Custom Variables

With custom variables, the sky's the limit! Digital marketing is all about personalized messages, the more personalized the better. Custom variables let you target different audience segments and you can even thank people by name when they sign up.

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