Onsite Retargeting for Ecommerce

Onsite Retargeting for Ecommerce

Boost sales, decrease cart abandonment and build your list at the same time

increase your conversions and sales
Increase your conversions and sales
Exit-intent technology provides a powerful and simple way to convert abandoning visitors into leads, sales and signups. You can convert more visitors to buyers and build your email subscription list.
Decrease your cart abandonment
Reduce your cart abandonment rate and recapture sales by setting perfectly timed messages that offer a discount or free shipping to keep your shoppers moving towards checkout.
decrease your cart abandonment
provide a coupon
Provide a coupon as an incentive to buy…
A coupon can be a powerful way to convince more visitors to buy. Make it even more effective with an exclusive offer on limited supply or put a deadline on the discount.
…and remind them so they don't forget to use it
Use nanobars, or 'sticky notification bars' that stay at the top or bottom of your site, reminding your visitors about a discount or coupon code after they opt-in. This constant reminder improves conversions by encouraging visitors to use their coupon right away.
use nanobars to remind your visitors
build your list without sacrificing sales
Build your list without sacrificing sales
Build healthy email lists without hurting your sales by using OptiMonk to gather subscriptions. Capture name, email, and any other information you need. Get more subscribers by using an incentive such as a free ebook to boost your signup rate.
Promote your best offers
Use onsite retargeting to redirect visitors towards a desired conversion goal or landing page. You can direct abandoning visitors to some of your most popular content or hot-selling product to keep them on your site and improve your quality score.
promote your best offers
increase your cart value with upsale offers
Increase your cart value with upsale offers
Increase the average cart value on your site by offering add-ons, accessories, or a more expensive item right at the moment of purchase.
Make relevant offers on all pages using Dynamic Text Replacement
Dynamic Text Replacement let's you use one popup to send custom messages based on any variable you want. You can create highly tuned messages that automatically display for each segment of your audience.
use dynamic text replacement
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