Onsite Retargeting for Lead Generation

Onsite Retargeting for Lead Generations

Retarget abandoning visitors and get 200% more leads

convert abandoning visitors into subscribers
Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers
You did your best convincing your visitors, but they still want to leave your site without converting? OptiMonk knows when a visitor is about to leave your site without converting and provides you a second chance to convince them, or add them to your email list.
Promote your best offers and incentives to exiting users
Make sure that anyone who visits your site sees your best performing content or hot-selling items. Craft unique and irresistible offers and use your best giveaways to boost your onsite retargeting campaign.
promote offers and incentives to exiting users
segment and target each visitor
Segment & target each visitor with the most relevant content
Increase your conversions by communicating the most relevant message to each segment of your audience. You’ll see better results when you personalize the text and design of your popups to make them as relevant as possible to each visitor.
Use nanobars to promote signups
A nanobar, also known as a 'sticky notification bar', can be placed on the top or bottom of your website. Use it to improve your subscriptions by promoting your newsletter signup or increase your sales by reminding your visitors of a coupon code after they opt-in to your offer.
use nanobars to promote signups
use multi-step campaigns to maximize conversions
Use multi-step campaigns to maximize conversions
Create powerful 'sales funnels'. Instead of placing all the information about your offer into only one popup, use multi-page overlays to maximize your conversions.
Use custom forms to get more quote requests
Boost your signups and requests by making your forms user-friendly. Design the form to match your site and use custom messages to help the users fill out the form quickly and correctly.
use custom forms to get more quote requests
use micro-landing pages to boost conversions
Use Micro-Landing pages to boost conversions
Display a custom popup when a visitor clicks on a particular part of your page, such as a button, box, link, or banner. The popup is like a 'micro landing page' that matches the design of your site and boosts conversions with a highly targeted message.
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